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How complex the product may be or how difficult the technical solution may be, Vervaeke will always be able to find the way to help his customer. The technical knowledge and support is a guarantee for the perfect solution for the most difficult products of our clients.

The tank containers and swap bodies in our fleet are all high quality and technical “unique” entities which are most of the time tailor-made and are dedicated to our clients.

From special materials and qualitative alloys to specific linings and special coatings, Vervaeke will always be able to provide the most suitable materials for the most difficult products.

Specific heating systems, insulations and equipment are naturally all included in our possibilities. Most of our fleet is also equipped with baffles.

Even Piston tank containers for very viscous products are a part of the Vervaeke fleet. We are refering to a high-tech tank that can transport products such as silicones, glues or greases in bulk and can be emptied with a piston system.

In need of expertise, Vervaeke will always be able to present the perfect solution. Always for the benefit of our clients.

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