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The Vervaeke Group possesses a large range of linings of which some even exclusively created in close cooperation with producers. The technical knowledge and the experience of Vervaeke guarantee the safest solution for the most safe dangerous and purest products of its clients 

When the characteristics of a product are that specific that transportation in a stainless tank is not ideal or even excluded, our clients will be helped out with lined tanks. In this case, we are talking about “high pure” products, products for water treatments or the most corrosive products, Vervaeke will provide you of the best economical solution. The presence of Vervaeke in all parts of Europe proves this.

Vervaeke has also an absolute expertise in the follow up of the quality of the lining. On very regular base, thickness measurements and various visual and electro tests of the tanks are executed as well as on the accessories and ttings. This follow up and knowhow is an assurance for the safety and the quality of the products of our clients on the road. Always in the interest of our clients. 

lined tanks

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