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After nearly a century, Vervaeke remains a family group. It has developed from a traditional transport company to a provider of integrated logistics solutions for the chemical and oil industries.

The heart of everything we do


Vervaeke is an honest and reliable employer

  • We employ people in accordance with the legal requirements and standards that apply to our sector. We respect the Joint Committees and the applicable collective agreements.
  • We ensure fair remuneration for employees
  • We offer equal opportunities for our own employees and for external candidates.
  • Our employees have freedom of representation.
  • Towards suppliers, our policy also focuses on ethical business practices, whereby corruption, bribery, conflicts of interest, fraud, industrial espionage and money laundering are out of the question.
  • We protect our intellectual property right.


Our company and society, good partners

  • Our company is at the center of our society. Our activities make an important direct and indirect contribution to the support of this society. We are an important partner and we take this responsibility very seriously.
  • The principles of this responsibility are:
    • The respect of fundamental human rights
    • Preventing discrimination of any kind
    • Preventing child labor
    • Preventing compulsory labor
    • The pursuit of the principle of equality
    • General safety
    • Minimizing the environmental impact
  • Making our knowledge and material available in the event of incidents with customers, at the request of the fire brigades, etc. makes us a valued and professional partner in the protection of the general public.


Trust, knowledge and communication as the basis for our cooperation 

  • The transport of hazardous substances requires good understanding, knowledge and communication between employees and customers. We improve our services through open dialogue. This creates a trust that reinforce the organization and maintains and strengthens the customer relationship. Vervaeke can look back on long-standing working relationships with his customers due to his trustworthy.
  • The same relationship is established with our employees, one of trust and mutual respect. Employees are free in their choices and association. Regulations and laws are always respected and we guarantee the privacy of personal data.
  • We protect our employees who report breaches of the code of conduct and are responsible for conducting a lawful investigation, after which any considered decisions are based solely on verified facts. These decisions are implemented effectively.

We keep word

  • Transparency and clarity are important. In our day-to-day business operations we are open and approachable. Our norms and values are clearly stated in our policy statement and we draft these visibly for all employees.
  • Unlawful practices, negative influence, misuse of confidential information or misrepresentation of facts are strictly prohibited.
  • We deliver our services in accordance with prior agreements and agreed conditions with our clients. This is how we fulfill the expectations of our customers.

Qualitative service from the first moment

  • Man and machine work together as efficiently as possible and according to the "first time right" principle.
  • Quality in Equipment, where everything is selected on and equipped with all necessary safety equipment, and even more, our company has always played an innovative and leading role in the field of safety systems on our vehicles.
  • Our people are properly trained to meet the challenges of dangerous goods transport. Both in the classroom and in the field, the greatest attention is paid to the processes and procedures of loading and unloading. These are also assisted on site through our godfather drivers. In addition, much attention is paid in the training and subsequent follow-up to prevention and to the safe driving behavior of the driver. The golden rules were therefore drawn up and distributed for drivers.
  • To guarantee the desired quality required by customers, the safety and health requirements and care for the environment, the company has opted not to work with subcontractors.

Corporate sustainability

Sustainability for our future

  • By closely managing the company financially and operationally, we create a sustainable future and stable employment for our employees.
  • By focusing on high quality and safety, we can ask our customers for the right price that allows our company to invest in our future
  • We have the ambition to grow and make that demonstrable

Sustainability for our people

  • The long-term relationship with our employees is not only arranged through an employment contract, but is also based on mutual trust.
  • We promote a safety culture within the company and place emphasis on education and training of our employees through training programs. Personal development is also given attention with performance appraisals are conducted and agreements are recorded in personal action plans
  • The management conducts an open door policy without exception, whereby employees can always give their inputs which will be treated in all seriousness. This open communication culture characterizes Vervaeke and leads to satisfied employees.

Sustainability for our environment

  • Our continuous investments in the most modern equipment, the most efficient engines, partnerships with customers in environmentally friendly projects and well-trained drivers make a significant contribution to reducing emissions.
  • The collection and processing of waste according to environmental legislation avoids the burden on soil and water.
  • Our innovations lead to a reduction in demanding packaging materials for our customers.
  • Our optimum use of space in offices and workshops and attention to consumption contribute to an energy-efficient policy.



Establishment of Transports Vervaeke by Michel Vervaeke. At first agricultural products are transported.

history 1935

First transport of hazardous goods, i.e. sulphuric acid in bulk. Vervaeke is one of the very first transporters in Europe to transport chemical substances by road.

vervaeke history 17021518

The first goods are transported by tankers with an inner coating for highly corrosive substances. The substance is sodium hypochlorite.

A second operating site is opened in Zellik near Brussels, a central location close to various new motorways and main roads.

vervaeke history img 8724

The first fuel transports take place.

vervaeke history 17021501

Vervaeke now focuses exclusively on tanker transport.

vervaeke history 17021509

The company celebrates its 50th anniversary. It now has a workforce of about 90 staff members

vervaeke history 17021510 small

Vervaeke installs one of the very first on-board computers in all its lorries.

vervaeke history 5d6b9403

Vervaeke is one of the very first transport companies to obtain the ISO 9002 quality certificate.

vervaeke history iso9001v2015 eng 1

Vervaeke invests for the first time in 20 tankers with a larger volume capacity; the company has the first tankers built with special stainless steel materials to withstand highly corrosive substances; Vervaeke cooperates with the CEFIC to draw up the very first SQRS questionnaire, later to become known as the SQAS.

vervaeke history sqas vervaeke 2017attest

A third operating site is opened in Seneffe; on 28 December, the 88-year-old founder Michel Vervaeke passes away.

Vervaeke designs the ‘Safety Tank’ and starts using the first ‘ground-operated’ prototype tanker. With these tankers, the drivers can carry out all the operations without having to climb onto the tanker. The vehicle is also equipped with various emergency stop buttons.

vervaeke history emergency stop button

Opening of the modernised operating site in Zellik.

vervaeke history foto gebouw 2001

First transport of silicone in bulk with a PistonTank. As a result, bulk delivery replaces the transport and handling of 144 barrels.

vervaeke history europiston 1

The Spiere operating site is modernised.

The first foreign site is opened in Luxembourg. The initial activities of this subsidiary consist of transporting fuel within Luxembourg; the 1000th truck since the firm was established is taken into the fleet.

vervaeke history trekker 1000

Vervaeke takes on the very first European LNG truck that is ADR approved for transporting hazardous substances. This reduces the CO2 emissions by 20 %.

vervaeke history lng 2013

The second foreign site is opened in Lille, France; Vervaeke specializes further in the transport of high-temperature products. A fleet of over 40 vehicles carry various products at controlled temperatures. The product is heated to high temperatures when on the move and stationary.

vervaeke history 1g1a8689

Vervaeke celebrates its 80th anniversary.

logo 80 years small

By acquiring the Dutch family owned company Van der Lee, Vervaeke strengthens its strategic position in the Western European chemical clusters with 400 additional people, 6 sites in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, 300 tractors, 400 tanks and almost 100 extra years of experience.

vervaeke history takeover vdl

By acquiring the Dutch family owned company Jan Dohmen, Vervaeke gets a strong position in multimodal transport, not only in Europe but also globally and brings the Dutch company Jan Dohmen in a new growth cycle

vervaeke history intermodal 2

After obtaining GMP+ certification in 2019, Vervaeke has started its first transport requiring GMP+ standards

2019veritas gmpplus2

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