Technical services workshop

A logistics chain can only be strong and reliable if it is supported by efficient technical services. Vervaeke has the necessary technical resources as well as experienced and well trained staff to carry out these tasks.

Truck wash

In a sector in which any contamination has to be avoided at all times, the tankers should be clean not only on the inside, but also outside. In addition, clean tanks enhance the customer’s reputation.

This is why Vervaeke has several vehicle washing stations (in Zellik, Spiere and Luxembourg) suitable for truck-tank combinations. They are connected to a high-performance water purification plant. This means that not only is the environment protected, but the washing process can be more sustainable: 80 % of the water used by the plants is recycled, and only 20 % is fresh.

Tank cleaning

Perfectly cleaned tanks are vitally important for safe, reliable and environmentally friendly logistic chains. Vervaeke has its own tank-cleaning which meet the most stringent requirements and can deal with virtually any product.

The stations are SQAS assessed. Vervaeke is also recognised by the European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO) to issue the European Cleaning Document (ECD). This document indicates that any cleaning undertaken is carried out to the highest safety, environmental and quality standards. Moreover, Vervaekehas its own water purification facilities to ensure optimal environmental protection.

Vervaeke goes further than the applicable requirements. For instance, the company has developed a programme that not only takes into account of the specific cleaning requirements of the client, but also guarantees that the next product can be loaded safely and securely.

During each cleaning process, the times and temperatures are meticulously recorded. This ensures precise traceability throughout the entire process.


Vervaeke stands out among other things due to its technical know-how. It has several maintenance shops that are operated entirely by the company itself. The sixty members of staff have been trained to the highest standards and use the most modern equipment.

The Vervaeke technicians service the tractors, tanks and equipment. They also have the experience needed to carry out repairs and transformation work themselves on the vehicles, the coating, the valves and so on. In addition, they are experts in testing and inspecting unloading hoses.

Thanks to their extensive technical knowledge, these Vervaeke staff members are able to adapt vehicles in line with the customer’s wishes quickly and competently.

By opting to maintain its own maintenance shops and technical services, Vervaekeoffers a particularly high degree of flexibility. This, too, benefits the clients.

Emergency response team

As a transport company and logistics service provider working mostly with hazardous substances, Vervaeke is well aware of its responsibility towards society and the environment. This is why the company has created an ‘Emergency Response Team’.

These teams consist of ten specially trained staff members. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, two people are permanently ready to intervene in the event of a disaster or an accident. They can also provide support for customers, the police, the fire and emergency services, etc.

Vervaeke’s intervention team is specifically trained and has access to state-of-the-art equipment, including a powerful mobile pump.

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