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Some products can only be carried using “dedicated” tanks. This means that a tank may only carry the particular product for which it is intended, to the exclusion of all other goods.

This regulation may be a legal obligation or the result of quality requirements being so high, or it may be that the cleaning costs are excessive.

Examples of goods that are carried under dedicated carriage are the warm solution of ammonium nitrate or hydrogen peroxide.

In some circumstances the requirements for goods carriage or the safety regulations are so specific that there is no choice other than to custom-build a tank and use it for dedicated carriage. Therefore Vervaeke operates a fleet of dedicated tanks adapted to the customer’s requirements.

A large percentage of Vervaeke’s overall fleet is devoted to dedicated carriage for various customers. In these cases Vervaeke offers its entire expertise in finding a solution in accordance with the customer, taking account of the product, the design and layout of the loading and unloading bays, the couplings used, and the safety regulations.

If the carried tonnage increases appreciably, additional tanks have to be brought in. Thanks to its extensive fleet, Vervaeke has enormous flexibility when it comes to quickly adapting and deploying new tanks.

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