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Logistic Solution
for viscous products

Vervaeke helps his clients to resolve big logistic problems and could even develop tanks in order to realise totally new logistic concepts.

In this way, Vervaeke developed the Pistontank called Europiston, that offers the possibility that viscous products can be injected directly into the production process.

The Europiston is a patented tank with a movable and stabilized piston mechanism inside for the delivery of viscous products. The Europiston can be delivered as a Tank Trailer, as a storage tank, or as a tank container.

The trailer enables to deliver up to 30 tonnes of viscous product in bulk instead of using drum barrels, IBC’s or other packaging. The loading and unloading operations are fully automated freeing personnel for other tasks. Risk of accidents are also eliminated due to the absence of any handlings.

The Environment benefits a lot from the Europiston’s technology by getting rid of waste packaging (drums, pallets, labels, plastic foils,…), waste and waste water.

The patented system avoids any rests of product and any quality issues, which are tremendous environmental and economical advantages.

This concept results in a very efficient and cost saving logistic solution.

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Piston Bulk Trailer

  • Faster and more Efficient Product Delivery
  • Avoid Product Contamination
  • Reduced Waste
  • Reduced Delivered Product Costs
  • Reduced Labour costs
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