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Vervaeke goes hydrogen!


Vervaeke, European leader in tank transportation for the chemical and petrochemical sector, has ordered its first hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric truck. This zero emission truck stands for 100% CO2 neutral transport.

Hydrogen is expected to play an important role in decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors like steelmaking, chemicals and transport. The EU estimates that up to 24% of energy use could be hydrogen-based in 2050. And although electric cars are set to dominate the market for private vehicles, hydrogen is still expected to play a key role in decarbonizing heavy duty road transport.

As the new truck emits only water vapor instead of carbon emissions, it stands for zero emission. Moreover, it allows quick acceleration which means safe merging and maneuvering. While a smooth and near-silent ride let drivers focus on the road and create an important decrease in noise pollution.

This purchase is in line with the intensification of the quest for sustainable transport, in close partnership between Vervaeke and one of its largest customers. It comes on top of Vervaeke’s continuous investments in the most modern equipment, the most efficient engines, partnerships with customers in environmentally friendly projects and well-trained drivers. This transition to a climate neutral fuel does not in any way imply concessions on the company’s high servicing standards in terms of security, payloads and distances.

Furthermore, this project will allow Vervaeke to acquire an important experience and knowledge about the use of this new hydrogen technology. Vervaeke’s intention is to train its technicians in this specific technology to enable them to execute the maintenance of its own fleet, as Vervaeke has always done and still does. Vervaeke also promotes the use of the H2 technology for ADR approval on the UN level.

The first truck will be delivered in the first half of 2023.

Always one step ahead in leading the way.

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