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Tank transporter Vervaeke appoints Serge De Wolf as Managing Director


Serge De Wolf, until recently CEO of Trafuco, will take over the daily management of the three Vervaeke entities in Belgium, France and Luxembourg from 3 October onwards. His appointment is part of the continuation of the group's growth strategy to become one of the most important tank transporters in Western Europe. Vervaeke is market leader in ADR transport in Belgium.

 "In the current economic climate, where there is some uncertainty, it is important to be alert for opportunities and to react quickly. In addition, our sector is facing a number of tough challenges, both in terms of retaining and attracting competent employees and in terms of innovation and sustainability," says Frédéric Derumeaux, CEO of Vervaeke.

Logistics and hazardous products are the common thread throughout De Wolf's career. In addition to previous positions as Managing Director and CEO at other leading transport companies, De Wolf has also been Chairman of the ADR committee in Belgium for some time and Chairman of the Logistics working group of the Belgian Association of Chemical Distributors.

"Serge De Wolf is known as an inspiring and pragmatic leader who can bring about both tactical and strategic transformations," the CEO continued. "I am therefore convinced that he is the right man to help lead Vervaeke along the road to an even stronger position as a reliable logistics partner and employer and as a pioneer in sustainable entrepreneurship."

Following the acquisitions of the Dutch Van der Lee and Jan Dohmen respectively in 2017 and 2019, Vervaeke operates from 13 locations across five countries ideally located in Europe's largest chemical cluster.

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