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Vervaeke offers clients in need of additional storage capacity custom-made solutions – on or off their premises.

Thanks to careful preparation, Vervaeke provides a fast, reliable and safe solution. A project manager always ensures meticulous, personalised follow-up.

Vervaeke offers an extensive and widely varying range of storage possibilities. Tanks in all possible materials or with all possible coatings, with or without a heating system, with additional equipment such as sensors, level measuring systems (which may or may not be directly connected to control rooms), collectors and special hoses are just some of the options available.



Vervaeke places its knowledge at the disposal of clients to offer efficient and economical solutions for complex logistics chains.

For instance, Vervaeke can also develop suitable technical solutions to improve supply chains. One example of this is the Piston tank, which has revolutionised logistics for viscous products.

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Stock management

Vervaeke manages the storage tanks on different sites, so that the ideal quantities and qualities are delivered at the right moment.

Vervaeke’s specific IT solutions collect extremely reliable data. This means that Vervaeke can inform the customer in time if stocks are too low. If necessary, Vervaeke can also manage the stock scheduling.

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Delivery planning

Vervaeke manages product orders for various customers. Once the orders have been processed in the system, the deliveries are scheduled efficiently. After delivery, the client receives all the information needed for billing.

So Vervaeke helps its clients to organise deliveries as well as possible

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On-site logistics

Vervaeke can also take care of logistics operations at the customers’ premises. This can range from providing simple transport services to taking care of the entire logistics chain.

So clients are free to concentrate in their own activities, entrusting their logistics tasks to a specialist.


Water supply

Vervaeke offers various possibilities for supplying water in bulk. Drinking water, demineralized water or rainwater for direct unloading on sites or for rental purposes.

  • Drinking water delivered by tank up to 30.000 l
  • Demineralized water for chemical applications or cleaning of tanks
  • Rental of one or different tanks at big events or festivals for one or several days

Vervaeke provides also technical support regarding pumps and collectors.



Also in the field of transport of liquid waste products, Vervaeke can rely on a vast internal expertise. All required permits and approvals are in place to transport waste products internationally.

The diversity of the tank fleet, including tanks in different alloys and equipped with different coatings and linings, ensures an optimum solution for these types of transport. Some waste flows have a complex composition and require tailor-made solutions. No efforts are spared to accommodate such solutions, even if it requires modifying existing tanks or even re-certifying tanks to another tankcode. Collecting waste with vacuum operated tanks is also available in our fleet.

waste water


Vervaeke holds a lot of importance to training and endeavours to provide all necessary knowledge and competence to his drivers before going on the road.

All trainings are given in our own academy center. Several very experienced instructors deal with theoretical trainings like ADR -training or Code 95 training. Also practical lessons are covered, such as eco-driving and BBS training, often tailor made for transport of dangerous bulk liquids.

These training courses are all approved by the relevant competent authorities

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